Jim Gallagher

Jim has over 30 years experience working with CT and MRI companies. His vast experience has made him very familiar with all systems provided by major OEMs. He has witnessed first hand the growth of many medical centers as well as the mergers of CT and MRI companies. The result, he feels, is that big corporate mergers have brought about "quality and service" issues because too many companies are out of touch with client needs. Too often, a client has no idea where to go or who to call for necessary, ongoing support.


"My vision," says Gallagher, "is to go back to the days when a client was not just “a sale” but also “a friend” who shared the company goals of dependability, trust and open communication for the good of all those directly and indirectly related to the sales and service of CT's and MRI's including patients and referring physicians."


Before LG Medical Technologies

Prior to forming LG Medical Technologies, Jim was with Shared Imaging for 13 years beginning in 1995. He served in the role of Executive Vice-president. Jim played key roles in every aspect of the business including operations, sales and marketing.


In his tenure, Jim was instrumental in the installation & operation of CT's and MRI’s in several medical centers throughout the United States. Jim is a well recognized professional in this industry and brings a wealth of business, operational, technical and sales knowledge & experience with him.


Prior to Shared Imaging, Jim was a founding member and President of Radiology Systems of America from 1991-1993. Prior to that, Jim held executive positions and senior engineering positions with Linc Equipment, MICA, EMI/OMNI and Burroughs Corporation.


Jim is a member of IAMERS and other similar trade associations. He served in the United States Air force from 1970-1973 and was honorably discharged at the rank of Staff sergeant.


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