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About LG Medical Technologies


There are significant opportunities in the diagnostic imaging industry, particularly in MRI, CT and PET/CT services that are provided to hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States. Many hospitals are financially strapped for capital investment in MRI, CT and PET/CT’s that range from $300k-$1.9 million.  Other hospitals have significant backlogs due to capacity limitations of their current diagnostic equipment. Some hospitals may not even have diagnostic imaging equipment.


LG Medical can offer MRI, CT and PET/CT rental options to the hospital and thus provides a perfect solution to this dilemma. The hospital only pays for the use of the MRI, CT and PET/CT equipment while simultaneously reducing scan backlog. Another advantage of a rental comes about when hospitals are expanding their facilities. During construction, scanners can be temporarily disabled for several months or even years.  This situation can result in significant increases in backlog of needed scans and even lost patient revenues to the hospital. An MRI, CT and PET/CT’S housed in a mobile trailer provide a very efficient and effective solution to the hospital by keeping the scanning process going without disruption during construction. Last, there will always exist the option for the hospital to convert the rental into a long-term rental. With upgrade clauses with our contract facilities do not have to worry about keeping the imaging technology current.


Jim Gallagher-President and Ken Lancaster-Chief Financial Officer manage LG Medical Technologies, Inc.  Combined, Jim and Ken have over 50 years’ experience in diagnostic imaging. LG Medical Technologies leverages the knowledge and experience of its principals with the unique and rewarding opportunities of the MRI & CT rentals.

Our Team


Jim Gallagher
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Ken Lancaster
Vice President and CFO
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"My vision is to go back to the days when a client was not just a sale - but also a friend - who shared the company goals of dependability, trust, and open communication, for the good of all those directly and indirectly related to the sales and service of CT's and MRI's including patients and referring physicians."

- Jim Gallagher

Jim L

Jim Loughlin
V.P Midwest Regional Sales
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Mark Coahran
Regional Sales Manager
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Jeff Zupke
Regional Sales Manager
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Trish Triveri
Service Operations Coordinator


Gina Aeillo
Senior Accountant


Lindsey Herdrich
Administrative Assistant


Melissa Strasser
Accounting Coordinator


Jan Bianchi
Project Coordinator